Proposal: publish Fedora release schedule on Ask

Following Matthew’s proposal to bring the Common Bugs page from the wiki over to here, I have another proposal:

Should we maybe also publish the release schedule of the current (and the next (after branch happens) here?
Pin it globally or at least in whatever category we post it? The EOL date of Fedora Linux releases could be of special interest.

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Do you mean a link to this?

Yeh, that’d be useful.

@bcotton generates that programmatically from some internal tooling (hooked into all Red Hat program management stuff, as I understand it). This tool also exports a machine-readable json version.

It’s be really cool to have an automatic tool which reads that json and automatically updates a post here (and maybe over on Discussion as well; why not?) using the Discourse API.

If I put this on my todo list, it’ll probably be 2037 until I get to it. But if it seems interesting to anyone, I’ll be happy to generate an API key for you!

I guess this fits with — which came out in favor renaming the Community category to “Announcements”.

Maybe different discussion, but I think we should have two categories, one for community related discussion and one for announcements. No?

Edit. Just realized there was a topic including poll about it.

Yeah. :slight_smile: I think the plan is that we will direct folks to somewhere on Discussion for… discussion. (Where exactly will be pending reorganization on that site.)