Bringing back Friday's Fedora Facts?

@bcotton do you have any tips on how you tracked the changes that are being done for the next release of Fedora? I’m really missing the last section of Friday’s Fedora Facts because it was so helpful in keeping track of those developments. Is it as simple as following the changelog?


I added them as I announced them on devel-announce (and then subsequently updated the entries as they moved through the process).

Watching the ChangeSet page in the wiki would work, but I’d suggest setting your Bugzilla account to watch the Changes Tracking component in Bugzilla instead. That way you get email updates when things change state.


I’ll try that and see if I can better stay on top of that. Every news article I see sharing a new feature I didn’t know about is an opportunity lost for our social media, so I want to stick with it. :slight_smile:

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I guess I should have started with a question: what’s the ultimate goal?

If you want to see when things are announced, I suggest subscribing to devel-announce so you’ll see the proposals go out. That’s what a lot of the news sites do, much to my chagrin, because they often report them as a done deal. (That’s why I started putting “this is just a proposal” all over the place). But just because a Change is proposed, that doesn’t mean it will happen.

Following Bugzilla will let you know

  1. When a Change is approved
  2. When it lands or gets deferred to a later release

So from a marketing standpoint, we generally care more about what will actually land as opposed to what is proposed. But for your own interests, knowing what proposals are out there can be helpful, especially if they generate Discourse™ on the internetz.