How to enable virtualization in bios?

Hi there,

I am new to Linux & I am wondering if someone can help me understand how to enable virtualisations in bios ?

The settings and their place, so to say, in BIOS menus differ significantly depending on motherboard or notebook manufacturer.

Here’s a couple of overview links that’ll help to understand what to look for:

You can refine the search by adding your manufacturer to search query (i.e. Asus BIOS virtualization).

If you still unable to find them yourself, please provide make and model of your motherboard or notebook, I’ll try to help you find more relevant information.


Thanks, I will check that out

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hi there,

this is my motherboard:

Base Board Information
Manufacturer: LENOVO
Product Name: 20FB0020AU
Version: 0B98417 WIN
Serial Number: W1KS65G10NG

@bennyisaiah, is this your notebook?

It it is, then, here’s a User Guide for it:

And in it on pdf page 97 (page number in the lower-right corner is 81) there’s an entry in a table about virtualization. According to the manual it should be in Security section of your bios/uefi settings.

According to the manual, you should press [F1] key on the keyboard right after restart/power on when you see Lenovo logo to access BIOS/UEFI settings of your notebook (details are in the section Using the ThinkPad Setup program on the pdf page 86 (printed page 70) of the user guide).

Here’s one more generic Lenovo overview page about enabling virtualization with screenshots:


Thank you so so much.

@bennyisaiah, have you succeeded in finding the virtualization settings?

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not as yet, i am looking for it in BIOS

Finally got it working,

Thanks for your help !

Its quite fast for an 8GB RAM i7 6th Gen system

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