ThinkPad X1 Nano (13” Intel) Laptop and Fedora?

I am interested in ThinkPad X1 Nano Gen 2 (13” Intel) Laptop[1], the compact-sized laptop with Intel 12 gen CPU.

  • CPU: Intel 12 gen CPU i5 or i7
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    • Non-touchscreen: 14.47mm x 293.2mm x 208.0mm / 0.57" x 11.5" x 8.19"
    • Touchscreen: 14.77mm x 293.3mm x 208.1mm / 0.58" x 11.5" x 8.19"
  • Battery: Up to 14 hours, 49.6Whr

X1 Nano Gen 1 with Intel 11th gen CPU (Intel i5-1130G7) is certified by Red Hat.[2] So, questions.

  • Will Fedora Linux pre-installed option be available? Right now I only see Windows pre-installed options.
  • How does Fedora work well on it?
  • How is the battery life? Is there a battery drain?
  • Repairability. Can I buy the battery somewhere?

On the Lenovo support ticket[3], someone is asking about the pre-installed Linux option. But I don’t know the current situation. The [4][5] are related pages on Reddit.


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This video Update: Why I Decided to Return My Thinkpad X1 Nano Gen2 - YouTube says the battery life is 5 hours with i7-1280P CPU on Windows.

I would think that Lenovo would have the only valid answer for that question. All we can provide is anecdotal responses since we are users and not involved as a group in those decisions.

Before one of us could answer we would have to

  1. purchase the device (with or without fedora)
  2. install fedora on it (if not pre-installed)
  3. report the status here

New devices can seldom be expected to come preinstalled with fedora linux unless the manufacturer has worked with fedora in developing the hardware and made certain all the new hardware works with drivers already developed and installed.

BTW, that video can only be watched by going to youtube.

I see. Thanks for your response.

Oh ok. I changed the video from embedded to just the link editing my comment above.

I found another Thinkpad almost same sized laptop with AMD CPU. So, I created the thread: Now I am more interested in the AMD laptop.

Lenovo plans to support Fedora Linux on X1 Nano Gen 2!

I don’t have this model but I have a P14 gen1 and my coworker has an L14 gen2. We are both running Fedora on it with Ryzen and my battery life has been excellent. I can get through a workday under normal usage on a single charge. Once I plugged a usb-c monitor into my dock and the laptop ended up powering the monitor in addition to its own display instead of charging itself and did so for several hours before I even noticed it wasn’t charging. I’m not familiar the difference in internals between the Z and P/L models (which are very similar), but if it’s close, you’re probably going to be happy with it.

Thanks for sharing your experience. The battery life with Ryzen looks amazing.

By the way, here are the slides by Lenovo in Nest with Fedora 2022. Good information and tips.

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