Laptop compatability

I’m thinking about buying a Lenovo laptop since I have a need to be portable on some occasions. I’m thinking about a used X1 Carbon 5th Gen.

I just tried the Computers site and it keeps timing out before I can get and answer.

I read some posts on other websites that say that Fedora Workstation won’t run particularly on the newer models.

I will appreciate any guidance I can get.

Thanks in advance.
Have a Great Day!

Hi there,

I have a couple questions for you that you can ask yourself. Feel free to ask more questions to yourself and write the answers down on a piece of paper or notepad.

What is your budget?
What is your use case? Is it just for some documents, browsing?
New or refurbished?
How much power do you need?
Battery life?
Size? Portability?
Display quality?

And if you are interested in buying a Lenovo laptop I would recommend the following comprehensive list made by sauceyjames for ThinkPads ‘TPG V7’ There is a link to their google drive or imgur. You may always look at YouTube reviews for the laptops as well.

I hope this may help you in your search for a laptop to your liking and needs.
And good luck!

edit: write*; added a couple more questions.

I see the same problem, but so far it has been transient and I can get All Lenovo X1 Carbon 5th gen. scans. Certainly the site is popular and there have been some corrupt database issues. Sometime a web search alon the lines of ThinkPad X1 Carbon "Gen 5" can be useful.

Data point: I have an X1 Carbon 6th generation that works perfectly fine. (But a lot can change between generations, or between different configurations in the same generation, so this is hardly any guarantee that you’ll be OK.)

I am very familiar with computers. All of the computers here run Fedora Workstation. Now I just need to be able to take a computer with me. The one I mentioned at the top is one I have already looked at, can afford, and it has what I need. I got a used T420 for my wife some years ago. I like the fact that Lenovo makes them to last and that they are easily maintainable. The only real issue is after I read some posts about the X1 later generations not being Linux compatible. I want to be sure before I buy one. Actually a T420 would to that I need for away missions, but I like the higher video resolution on the X1 I looked at. T400 series seem to be hard to find in good shape.

Thanks and Have a Good Day!

I have used Lenovo thinkpads to good success with Linux and my T450 , It’s older but works well with Fedora 39. So if your thinking of a thinkpad they seem to work well. On the other hand I’ve had problems getting Idea pads to work with linux and had seen others in forums that have also had problem most of the problems seem to be able to worked around but it’s not alway easy. So look for refurbished Thinkpads and you’ll do ok!
Good luck.

I should mention that both I and one of my brothers have had good experience with Lenovo laptops running (Enterprise Windows) under somewhat hostile conditions (ships at sea, agricultural field work), but around 2020 both our employers banned Lenovo due to security concerns and switched to alternative brands that have not been as robust. For linux users who are not high risk targets for China, this does mean there is an ample supply of Lenovo laptops c.a. 5 years old exiled from large enterprises. Some Lenovo models did have overheating problems in our environments, but they were easily fixed by cleaning dust off fans and cooling fins with canned air.