How to change my email?


I am writing because I don’t see how to change my email.
I go to my username’s settings page

I can change my name, but my email is not editable…

I am thinking that maybe I have to erase my account and create a new one?


Hello @vgaetera,
thanks for the reply.
I have changed my email at the link you say.
Now the fas fedoraproject org site has my new email.
The page from my link in ‘discussions’ still shows my old email though.
Do you think it will be synchronised by tomorrow or so?


I have a similar issue: I changed my FAS email a few weeks ago but the changes wasn’t propagated to the discourse instances. I was able to manually change it on the new but it seems to be impossible on

I assume a Discourse admin must do this manually because of the FAS integration plugin. I don’t know if it handles email changes. The only admins on this instance are @mattdm @bex @puiterwijk @ryanlerch @sanja.

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Hi @jwf,
Thanks for your reply.
I have sent a message to @mattdm to request my email to be changed.
Best wishes

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