How to add Windows 11 to GRUB?


I’ve successfully installed Fedora 36 on a Samsung SSD on my new PC. Then I installed Windows 11 on a Crucial SSD. After that I couldn’t see Fedora in WindowsLoader. When I switch the Samsung SSD to the first position in the BIOS Boot menu, Fedora starts normally. But there is no Windows in GRUB. So I can switch between Crucial and Samsung to load specific OS. But it’s inconvenient.

On my old PC I installed Fedora after Windows and I can choose both systems in GRUB.

So, could you help me, please, how to add Windows 11 to GRUB? Or I have to re-install Fedora?

Windows 11 doesn’t gonna allow you to add “Fedora” in list so you have to manage with GRUB side. For your GRUB problem it is weird that It didn’t see it. But I have couple questions

  1. Are you using UEFI ?
    2 Is your Secure Boot enabled ?

You can also try to use

# grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

as root for re-generate grub entries maybe It will detect without further investigate.

Onuralp S., yes, I use UEFI and Secure boot.

If you have 2 different efi partitions you probably need to manually add a menu entry for booting windows.

This thread and this doc shows one way to achieve that.

If you need more detailed info please ask.

Onuralp S., you are genius! It works perfectly!

You’re welcome. If it is works please select the comment and set as a “solution” as well.