Dual Booting Fedora and Windows 11 on Separate SSD's

I have Fedora 38 on SSD and Windows 11 On Another. My UEFI/Bios does not show boot options while I boot. So I have to go to Bios Screen and update the boot option every time I have to go to Fedora/Windows 11. No, how do I update Grub or Windows Boot to show OS Options when I login?

This is exactly the setup I have. Windows on one SSD, Fedora on another.

You should be able to set to allows boot Grub, aka Fedora as your default in the BIOS.

Does the grub menu delay before booting so that you can choose what to boot?
Do you have a grub option to boot Windows?

If not we can help you add config as needed.

This may be related to how the efi partition was installed. If windows was installed first and resides on one ssd, then fedora was installed on the second ssd but was not allowed to write to the already existing efi partition then a new efi partition was probably created on the fedora ssd.

There have been issues with having separate efi partitions on different devices when dual booting. It seems bios can only use one efi boot partition and usually selects the first one seem for booting. Thus it must be tricked into booting from the fedora drive instead of the windows drive.

The efibootmgr may be able to assist with that, as well as running some of the grub2 commands when booted into fedora so the bios will ignore the first detected ssd efi partition and boot from the second detected ssd instead.

There seem to be no delay. Based on the SSD/OS selected on the Boot Priority menu, the system boots in to Fedora or Windows 11. I see a Grub_Timeout=5 but I don’t see the Grub menu while booting. Do I have to change somewhere else?

May be true. I had Fedora 38 on a 512 GB SSD attached to an Old Laptop. I then bought a Desktop tower with 256 GB SSD with Windows 11 Installed for performing some Windows related tasks. Then I removed the 512 SSD from the Old Laptop and attached it to a different SATA Connector on the Desktop Motherboard. I knew before doing this that the Grub menu wouldn’t appear in this setup, so I thought I could manage the Dual boot if the Bios/UEFI Prompts me to select an OS during boot. However, there seem to be no option in the Bios/UEFI to make the system do this. So I need to know how to make the Grub to prompt to select Fedora or Windows. I installed Grub Customizer in Fedora but afraid to make any changes without expert guidance. Screen Dump below

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Wow very interesting. I thought it is not possible to boot through grub. Will follow the guidance after it is provided. Because right now I have a working dual boot through the boot menu but through grub it would be nicer.

But the bios boot menu looks rather strange. I somehow have two Fedora boot managers and one from windows. That are apparently all based on one ssd (even though I have two idfferent ssds

Which Screenshot you are referring? I have not posted any bios/UEFI Screen. The one Posted is of the Grub Config GUI Screen.

Sorry, I am talking about my setup

Grub Customizer isn’t well maintained, and has been known to mess up the grub configuration at some time in the past. To get the grub configuration, I suggest to run

sudo grubby --info ALL

Also run


to show what the UEFI firmware knows about the bootable systems.

I have fixed this by changing Grub using Grub Customizer.

What I did: Under General Settings I changed ‘Previously Booted Entry’ to ‘Pre-Defined - Windows Boot Manager’. Then Updated Grub.