How can I add win11 installed on usb3.2 external expansion card to GRUB?

Fedora37 is installed as the main operating system on my framework laptop ssd, and on the usb3.2 external expansion card, I installed win11.
How should I add win11 on the external expansion card to grub instead of manually entering the bios selection every time I boot.
BTY: I noticed the method in the following post, but it doesn’t seem to work with external expansion cards:

I would think that if the expansion card were installed and accessible when booted with fedora, then ran sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg it should see the windows system and add it to grub. If it does not then there may be something with the expansion card itself that prevents doing so.

Grub must be able to see the device to add it into the grub boot menu and if the driver is not loaded during the grub process then it cannot be accessed by grub.

You might also need to boot to fedora with the card connected, then run
sudo dracut --force --regenerate-all to properly load the necessary drivers into the initramfs image for booting. (possibly that should be done before doing grub2-mkconfig.)

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Did you mean:sudo dracut --force --regenerate-all ?

Yep, I fixed the typo above
Thanks for noting that.

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