How do you set xinput settings in Fedora?

I can use xinput to enable to on-button scrolling and to enable reverse/natural scrolling:

xinput set-prop [device] “libinput Scroll Method Enabled” 0 0 1

But xinput returns to its default settings after logging out or shutting down. I want create persistent xinput settings, or reliable on-login xinput settings.

I’ve found info suggesting new files at ~/.xsession, ~/.xsessionrc, or various other locations. Some advise adding a wait function to make sure it loads properly.

It looks like the exact solution depends on the distro (Fedora, which is why I’m asking here), on the use of xorg/x100 (using xsettings), or Wayland (which apparently uses gsettings instead), and possibly on the desktop (I prefer Cinnamon).

Which of these work in Fedora?

Hi Marja!

This one depends on the version of Fedora you are using but presuming you are using workstation GNOME, you’ll be wanting to use the gsettings method. Fedora GNOME and Fedora KDE default to wayland nowadays and xorg support is being fully dropped come 40 for KDE and 41 for GNOME.

I’m using Cinnamon.

I think xorg is stil the standard there, and Wayland is experimental.

I need to block animation, because migraines. I was able to block more animation in the standard version of Cinnamon than elsewhere. Unfortunately, I can’t block enough of the animation in the Wayland version of Cinnamon or in either version of Gnome.