How do I turn off the alert bell using the terminal?

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is there a way to turn off the alert bell using the terminal ?

Which terminal emulator (e.g., GNOME Terminal, Konsole, Qterminal, GNOME Terminator) on which GUI (e.g., KDE, GNOME, lxQt) ?


On Gnome but I want ito disable it on the whole system not only in the terminal.
If I am for an example using LIbre Office Writer and I am searching for text using the find option and then I delete the word that I don’t hear the alert bell.

Sorry, I misinterpreted your question a bit.

I am not an expert for GNOME, but I think the gnome-control-center may help you. If you open it, there is a category “notifications”, where you can turn off and on different alerts.

As I do not use gnome myself, I cannot tell you where the corresponding config files are stored.

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Nope, tried that but it does not work. The app isn’t listed . Somebody might know what to do .

gnome-control-center is to be opened with the terminal, not as a GUI app.

[user@localhost ~]# gnome-control-center

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I am aware of that and i did run in the terminal . Then the center opened and I can’t find the Libre Office Writter to turn off the bell.

Please try this:

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What about muting “system sounds”?

Settings[1] → Sound

  1. that is the mentioned gnome-control-center ↩︎


Thank you the article helped.

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