How do I setup a loopback audio device so that I can listen to line-in? | F40 | Patchbay

I am looking to setup a loopback audio device for my line-in so that I can listed to something I have connected on that port on the back of my motherboard.

Specifically I have a turntable on that line it and I want to be able to listen to it via my headphones.

Here is a patchbay to get you started.


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This is cool, thanks, I will give those a try right away.

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Added pipewire

Please keep up posted. Kind of interested in this for someone I know.

Yeah it is working like a charm. It is a beautiful solution, so simple yet elegant.
Thank you, exactly what I was looking for.
I am listening to a record at the moment and working away on my PC.

I tested both but opted to use Helvum, it organises inputs on the left and outputs on the right.
And is it drag and drop, it doesn’t get easier than this.
qpwgraph is all over the place with it’s inputs and outputs, no logical arganisaztion and making connections is a little weird. It does seem like qpwgraph has more devices, looks like it generates monitors.

Here they are side by side.

Interesting enough my line in audio appears as USB Audio Line Input.

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Linux Audio has come a looooooong way recently. This is an awesome solution.

Rerouting browser, Discord/Element and other apps as you need will be interesting for you.