Exposing USB-Mixer to Mutter / Pipewire

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I have a Livetrak L-20 USB Mixer - currently its being detected and working with Fedora38 as an input and output device when its in class compliant mode, but i was hoping to be able to route audio to each of the USB audio inputs, and potentially expose each of the channels as separate input devices in fedora.

Is this possible at all?

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Wireplumber is used I think for setting up the sources and sinks for Pipewire and it’s documentation is at https://pipewire.pages.freedesktop.org/wireplumber/ while the documentation for Pipewire is found at https://docs.pipewire.org/. pw-cli info all will tell you what hardware devices pipewire sees on the system, but not all are configured as the respective sink or source you may need. So likely you will see the other channels if they exist in the device.

Use qpwgraph for routing

I don’t know what the channels are like for your L-20 (I have a much simpler old R8 which works well). You might have to use the Pro Audio profile. Easy way to switch profiles is with pavucontrol

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