Pipewire experts wanted: Combined sink for multiple connected devices?

For Aux ports there are these handy little Y-splitters that often work just fine.

But these are limited, and with Pipewire it should be no problem to connect more devices, also over bluetooth.

I could find nothing about this for pipewire, and pavucontrol is also not installed on Fedora Kinoite.

If someone could get me on track, with things to consider, if it is possible to auto-detect bluetooth sinks etc., this could be possibly integrated into KDE or other GUIs and would be totally cool!

It’s unfortunate that a ton of people have had sucess with Pipewire recently but have not shared their experiences, just hearing about it on podcast or YouTube videos, in a passing comment. There are so many thing you can do, especially with the patchbay system.


I will try to do something with such a patchbay

As far as I understand it, you want to route audio signals to multiple output devices (“sink” in PulseAudio term), which could be live streaming services, DAW, or your monitoring speakers/headphones. If this is close to what you’re after, all of routing can be done with built-in features of streaming/recording software such as OBS Studio and Ardour. In particular, Ardour has built-in graph-based configurator similar to qpwgraph.

Also, qjackctl is worthy of mentioning. Check this video by a Fedora user demonstraing how to use qjackctl graphically.

Check this PipeWire upstream FAQ docs.

I tried qpwgraph to link input (audio interface, Firefox) to output sources (OBS Studio) graphically. I like it.

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We need to be all hands on deck for Pipewire Video. That will be a game changer. Doing the same type of routing for audio and video will be incredible.

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kwin-wayland detects OBS as output at the same time audio is routed to OBS audio mixer automatically.

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