How do i delete an old Timeshift folder from another linux installation?


i want to delete an old Timeshift folder i have left from my old linux Mint installation, I’ve had fedora now for half a year and this old folder is clogging up my drive, i try deleting butt am not allowed and so i did a search which i didn’t manage to draw any usefulness from:

the old folder is named " 2021-04-06-07-img" is located inside my temp folder of a harddrive “/8TB/TEMP/” so, here with the name"/8TB/TEMP/2021-04-06-07-img" it’s a folder at 162gb full of various files can’t delete.

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yes i noticed, it’s problematic. that’s why i need help

i tried this but it didn’t work:

sudo rm -f /8TB/TEMP/2021-04-06-07-img

Removing a directory requires to specify recursion:

sudo rm -f -R /path/to/dir
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