Can't delete a folder, not even sudo rm -rf is working

I have a external hard drive connected to my computer. It’s been giving me all sorts of permission problems. I have timeshift backups from when i used to use Majaro on it taking up 300 gigabytes of space. I want it deleted to make way for backing up fedora. When I try to delete from the files app, it says I don’t have permission. When I CD into /run/media/USER/SegateLinux/.Trash-1000/ and then type in sudo rm -rf /run/media/USER/SegateLinux/.Trash-1000/files the terminal doesn’t do anything, just that little block icon next to the letters you type keeps flashing. How do I delete such a folder?

Never mind I got it to work with that command, it just took an eternity to delete something that big was all.

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