Unable to delete a btrfs snapshot

Hello people,
A few days ago, I had issues because I could not delete a snapshot taken with Timeshift.
I tried to Google possible solutions. Then I made a huge mistake.
I used “rm” as sudo.
And this is how I reinstalled Fedora from scratch! :sweat_smile:

I’ve been using Timeshift, and it is handy.
But now I can’t delete a snapshot.

It’s the first one on the list.
If I try to delete it, I get a message about snapshots deleted with errors (sorry, I have a message in Italian, so I don’t know how the message is precisely in English).


sudo btrfs scrub start /

gave no errors, so I’m looking for help removing that snapshot.

Then, is there another GUI for managing Btrfs snapshots?


Can you show the list of subvolumes with this command?
sudo btrfs subvolume list -t /

Yes, Btrfs Assistant

Yes, I see this

ID gen top level path
--------- ----
256 5862 5 timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2023-08-13_09-24-31/@
257 5996 5 @home
258 1954 256 timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2023-08-13_09-24-31/@/var/lib/machines
277 5996 5 @
301 5817 277 var/lib/machines

I’m trying it!

You have a nested subvolume “var/lib/machines”, you need to delete it before you can delete the snapshot:
sudo btrfs subvolume delete /patch/timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2023-08-13_09-24-31/@/var/lib/machines

“patch” is the Timeshift mount path, it should be: /run/timeshift/backup
you have to check.
Or use Btrfs Assistant to easily remove it from GUI:
sudo dnf install btrfs-assistant

I recommend that you remove that nested subvolume to not have the same problem again:
sudo btrfs subvolume delete /var/lib/machines

var/lib/machines ???
Is this something related to QEMU?

Grazie mille!!!

It’s strange, I think.
I installed Btrfs-Assistant hours ago, and now I’ve seen no snapshots have been done.
I set the options in this way:



When I installed the program and removed TimeShift,
I created a couple of snapshots to test it, then I removed them.
But now, this is weird.

It’s working correctly. I didn’t do anything.

Did you reboot? It is possible the timeline timer was enabled but not started yet.

I don’t know.
Compared to my Windows experience, with Linux, I forgot to reboot, to be honest.
Maybe it was that.

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You can start a timer without rebooting, I was just thinking that perhaps it hadn’t been started and if you rebooted that would have started it.

The timeline timer should always take snapshots every hour.

It’s doing this right now.
I posted at 15:53,
and at 16:00, it did the first snapshot.

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