How can I start all apps in Gnome in fullscreen by default?

As in the subject line. Assuming that apps mostly support fullscreen mode.

Using Gnome 44.x. with F38.

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Almost all apps remember the mode they were in when last used. You should be able to open the app and set it to full screen then close it. The next time it is opened it should be at full screen.

I normally do not want my apps to be full screen and I have to sometimes do the opposite.

Some of the apps I use sadly don’t remember their state, e.g. Thunderbird and Gimp which I use all the time. I can work around the situation by using SUPER-UP, but it would be nice not to have to.

I approached the Thunderbird team about this.

I don’t find that many any of my apps do. Firefox and Console spring to mind as always starting in reduced size and I always have to maximize them.

In KDE it is easy to do, but how to in Gnome I would like to know that as well. :slight_smile:

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