How can I set $releasever in a kickstart iso creation with livecd-creator?

So I’ve posted a bunch of times here about my various questions with creating a distribution based off of Fedora (called “Top Hat” for now) and I am almost finished with the basics. However, I’ve recently come upon a problem I have no lead on fixing. So, I was creating a package based off of generic-release to set proper versioning (mainly for Anaconda). Anyways, the problem is that the variable $releasever for DNF is being set to my test version 0.0 instead of the base version 32, causing most uses of dnf to fail.

Here are what files the package creates.

Top Hat release 0.0 (The Dark Side of the Moon)


NAME=Top Hat
VERSION="0.0 ("The Dark Side of the Moon")"
PRETTY_NAME="Top Hat 0.0 ("The Dark Side of the Moon")"

Please note that these are not final and contain some placeholder data from the original generic-release package. Also, in my kickstart files based off of those of Fedora, I have this line in the base file, but it likely isn’t related to this since it is a shell variable:

releasever=$(rpm -q --qf '%{base_version}\n' --whatprovides system-release)

So, the TLDR question is: How can I set $releasever to 32 for the repo files in /etc/yum.repos.d/ while keeping the different versioning for the rest of the system?

PS: If you want to read through these files in detail, they’re on my Gitlab, criticism appreciated!

It is assumed that a value will be taken from VERSION_ID .

If the problem was only when you build the iso file , try use baseurl instead metalink/mirrorlist in kickstart repo file .

cat /etc/yum.repos.d/*.repo |grep baseurl

also try use livemedia-creator .

(google translate)

It’s not when I build the ISO, it is when I try to install/update it. Also, from what I can tell, manually editing the VERSION_ID in /etc/os-release does not change anything when running sudo dnf update --refresh on an installed system.