Using $releasever in yum.conf files with dnf


I’m having trouble with “releasever” in a yum/dnf config file in:
I want to append characters to the path created from the substitution of “releasever” as in:

name=My Test $releasever - $basearch

When used by dnf, dnf bombs out with a Not Found message indicating the path:$releasever_Beta/x86_64/os/

, so it appears the variable is not being substituted. I tried adding single or double quotes around just the $releasever, that part of the path, and the whole path. None of those solved it. Any ideas ?

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What is the actual url that you are trying to access?

, so releasever=37. This works in other parts of the yum.conf.d/ file, or if it’s the only thing in a /directory/ of the path.

From my end I’d say that the url doesn’t exist. That’s what I seem to get. works, but I get no further so I would think that a repo will not work either.

Is Guage providing access to a dnf repo?

Thanks for reading, but to be clear: that URL does not exist, and this is not a question about whether a specific url exists (as I’ve modified it for this post) :wink:

The point is the config file says to use:
/$releasever_Beta/ as part of the path, where $releasever should have the substituted value from dnf (either via the normal method it uses or over-ridden via the dnf command line including --releasever=37)
Instead, dnf is copying that part of the url string without substituting, and hence is creating an incorrect path which is not found on my server.


  1. repo name in the second line is properly substituted, as printed during the dnf run.
  2. removing “_Beta” from the path, also means dnf properly substitutes “37” in (but isn’t the path I require).

Is there some quoting etc that needs to happen to make dnf happy, so that it does do the substitution ?

The problem is not that releasever is not being substituted, it is that releasever_Beta is not an existing variable. It’s not really documented, but looking at the code, it looks like you can enclose variable names in braces: ${releasever}_Beta


Ah, thanks, that’s sort of like python or rpm -qa --queryformat=“%{name}” variables - makes sense.

We succeeded with the substitution, and the braces are gone, so the dnf actually finds the repo properly :slight_smile:

Thanks for all who read and offered suggestions, and for Elliot for diving into the source code.