How can I get color calibration to persist into fullscreen applications(x11)

Hello everyone. I am running a fresh Fedora 39 installation of the gnome desktop and would Like some help setting up color calibration.

I use a combination of a Spyder 3 color calibrator and DisplayCAL to calibrate my display. This allows me to get my terrible gaming display up to 124% sRGB and 92% Adobe RGB. However, whenever I play a fullscreen application like Overwatch2(a game I installed via Lutris using GE-Wine-8.5), the color calibration returns to its factory setting and is genuinely horrible.

The built-in color calibrator for Gnome never seems to work, and color calibrating doesn’t work in its entirety on Wayland, so X11 is my only current option.

How can I get color calibration to stick on full-screen applications?

Sidenote: Is it possible to temporarily disable Gnome’s compositor for better input delay for full-screen video games?

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