System-wide color management?

Hi everyone, just a quick question I’m on Fedora 39, GNOME 45 and Wayland - is color management for the whole system a thing that’s possible? I have a nice ProArt ASUS monitor and it has wider than usual gamut. I managed to get the color-profile enabled apps (like Krita or even Firefox) to show very nice and accurate colors with the monitor’s ICC profile I have but the rest of the system is quite over-saturated. Can the profile I have installed be also used for the whole system or is this not a feature yet? Should this just work out of the box?

I have an ASUS ProArt PA279CRV, F39, Gnome 45, Wayland, AMD GPU, DisplayPort or HDMI both tried

I have tried many ICC profiles (including the one from the ASUS windows drivers and one generated by Apple)

colord is running and I have tried assigning and making default profiles with colormgr as well as with the system settings GUI.