How can I enable third-party repos in a toolbox?

I have created a (Fedora) toolbox and I’d like to install software from RPM Fusion - is it possible to enable the repos inside the toolbox? I have them enabled on my system, so should I (somehow) pass them through or should I just install it anew inside the toolbox using the CLI like you do on the regular system?

Toolbox usually is setup to share the environment and the user home, but I don’t think configured repos from the host would be included in that. so yeah jsut do it like you would normally at the command line in workstation.


Thanks, Stephen :blush:

For me when I try to add a .repo file and visit /etc/yum.repos.d/ through Distrobox at least, which uses the Toolbox Fedora image, I see my normal repos.

Is there a way to use an own reposet?