Third party repositories and rpm-fusion

Hi. I was wondering why checking enable third party repositories button during the first setup enables only a few chosen packages from rpm-fusion instead of adding the whole repo. It would be easier for beginners to have it enabled from the start or is there a good reason for it being disabled?

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Hi @jakubiszon26 . There’s some documentation on how specific repositories are chosen here:

and the policy is here:

The idea isn’t to simply provide all third party repositories as other distributions do—this is

So, for the workstation working group selectively includes a few that they consider important enough. These have been thoroughly vetted by them and the legal team, and must be enabled manually by the user.

Additional notes:

  • these are only included in the workstation too—other Spins/Labs that are created differently do not include these.
  • they don’t enable/disable different packages—they enable/disable repositories, and for the RPM Fusion ones, RPM Fusion have been good enough to create new repositories with the individual packages (in addition to the standard RPM Fusion repos)
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