How can I enable drop shadows for non-GTK applications?

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I’m using Fedora 32 with Gnome/Wayland. I use Chrome and KeePassXC on a daily basis, and I realized that they are lacking a drop shadow. I’m wondering if there is a way to unify the look of application windows? I wasn’t able to find anything helpful so far… Is this related to Mutter/Wayland?


Thanks for any hints/background infos/links,

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Hi @floeschie. Welcome to the forum!

I think the theme/look for QT applications on Gnome are managed by the qgnomeplatform package nowadays, so it’s worth looking at that and perhaps filing an RFE. (I.e., I don’t think this is a Wayland/Mutter issue)

I use Qutebrowser on Gnome, and don’t see a shadow here either.


Thanks for the hint. According to the Arch Wiki, qgnomeplatform is enabled automatically in GNOME since version 3.20. I’ve already tried to fiddle with kvantum and qt5ct, however no luck. According to Wikipedia drop shadows are created and managed by the compositor, so I figured it might be Mutter related. I stumbled upon a discussion on GitHub but it’s very technical.

Will try to find a solution upstream in the GNOME forums.

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