Help with setting up Carla for windows vst (bottles and wine)

I have been struggling for days to set up a working way to have access to windows vst in my F36 installation. I have found lots of repositories and instructions for every other Linux Distribution but little on Fedora and so far nothing has worked well for me.
My ideal setup would be through Bottles since I don’t really need Wine for much else and I would prefer to keep the system tidy. If there is no workable solution I am also willing to go through Wine.

In Carla I get to have everything set up but the carla-bridges-win do not show up (are crossed in the scan section). I am only left with the native option in the end and when I try to load a win vst I get a message that “this build of Carla cannot handle this binary”.

I also went the Yabridge route but had no success either.

I also tried the two processes in Fedora 36 Jam (in a VM) because I thought there would be more under-the-hood components to make things work but I got the very same results.

Has anybody succeeded in having windows vst working on Fedora?