[help] black screen after update

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[help] i think that i break my system

Hi guys when i try to shotdown my pc fedora ask me if i want to install some update then shotdown i let it do that but i confused and when the screen is black i press the shotdown button to restart the pc i think that it is complet and stuck on the lockscreen with black one the i restart my pc but i got a black screen i have fedora 36 i restart the system for 3 times but nothing and when i select fedora 35 to boot into i have two failed errors (

  • fialed to listen on dbus.sx d-bus system message bus socket
  • depend dependency failed for powervice - power profiles daemon) during but and stack there please help me.
    I also try to reinstall the latest kernel in the rescue mode on fedora 33 but i got crul error(6) can’t resolve the host name … the mirror or something like that. Please help

It sounds like you may have had an incomplete update. Can you try running dnf remove --duplicates?

Also, Fedora 33 is end of life, so if this fixes your problem, I suggest upgrading to Fedora 35 ASAP.

Oof. You’re in systemd shell mode, so you have no networking.

Can you give us a picture of journalctl -xb? I don’t want to suggest anything more until we know why you’ve landed here.

Can u give me ur email to send to u the pictures please cos the journal is to lang.
and other thing as i wrote in the post i get f-bus error when i try to reboot to fedora 36 or even 35.
For the systemd terminal i boot into fedora 33 rescue mode to run the command that u send me to remove the reduplicate so should i run it there or in other place ?

It would be best if you could find a way to upload or link to them here so they can be open and available to others in the community who might also be able to help you or who may find an eventual solution helpful to their own problem in this thread.

Yes but i can’t upload more than 2 pictures since i am new here it is the rule of ask fedora.
Can i just send them to u and u post them here since u an old member ?

Usually the logs right before the drop to the systemd console are the most relevant. Are your able to post the tail end of the logs?

I’m seeing remote-fs and rpc-statd in there. By chance, do you have any NFS mounts defined in your /etc/fstab? If so, try editing it and adding “nofail” and/or “_netdev” to the mount options.

I’m a newbie at linux can please tell me exactly waht i must to do then i will do it correctly don’t worry and thank u

It looks like the errors are somehow related to it failing to mount snapd volumes? I have to admit that I’m out of my element when it comes to snapd on Fedora.

Ok thank bro