Silverblue 33 Failed unmounting /usr on shutdown/reboot

I have this error for quite a while on Silverblue 33. Is this a known bug?
The same error targeting /var vanished some time ago.

journalctl -r -b -1 --system
Isnt much use.

user systemd[1]: Failed unmounting /usr.
user systemd[1]: usr.mount: Mount process exited, code=exited, status=32/n/a
umount[5602]: umount: /usr: das Ziel wird gerade benutzt.


It happens to me too. I’m using Fedora 35 Silverblue.

Why are you posting on a thread that never received a solution and has been dead for over a year? This is detrimental to you since searches can never find an issue about fedora 35 on a thread that was dedicated to fedora 33.

Please start a new thread for your issue with a much newer release.

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@computersavvy thanks, you’re completely right. First, I want to see which versions of Fedora have this behaviour (perhaps also F34 and F36, but I need to verify). I want to take some time these days to test branches of F34, F35 and F36 and then, if this issue is still present, I’ll open a new thread.