Hello Linuxlovers and Fedora fans

I have been posting on the user listserve and the testing listserve for several months about my experience as a newbie using Rawhide as my only operating system. As of today, I am using Firejail for the very first time as I type this, along with yesterday’s nightly appimage of Firefox 81.0. I typed a blog today also on the community blog and awaiting approval.

I live in Arcola, Texas USA, and I am barely an intermediate desktop user of Fedora Workstation. I have been using desktop Linux distros for three years, mostly just around the house, but also for my hobby-business. I have been a driver / document courier in a major city for 23 years, and so I do not use computers in my job.

I have almost no experience with Windows 10, and only a little with Windows 8. I am probably more familiar with Linux than I am with Windows 7. I have no experience with Apple computers.

I want to share my novice perspective of Rawhide with the LInux community. I know Rawhide is not a distro, but for me it gives me a warm-fuzzy feeling when it updates, especially when there is a major update or a series of big updates. I just now updated the kernel to 5.9.0rc6.

David Locklear


Hello @dlocklear01,

Welcome to the community discussion forum! We are looking forward to reading what you wish to share about your Rawhide experiences, and Fedora in general.