Hello everyone! What do you think?

It’s not a tech support forum in the same way as stackexchange IMO. As I said in an earlier post, our focus is also on educating each other and encouraging usage and participation in FOSS. Downvoting does not fit this aspect of community development.

I think of it differently. A downvote says nothing at all about why the post “wasnt good”. It is much better to post explaining why a certain post " So, we’re not discouraging disagreement, we’re encouraging discussion which really is the foundation of a FOSS community (a community in general).

Our conversation here is a great example of this—if you or I simply downvote each others posts, we never discuss the way forward :slight_smile:

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You may think of this as a discussion forum, but my main interest here is tech support. Changing the focus to discussion will only make this less valuable and less interesting for me and possibly less useful to newcomers trying to get Fedora working the way they need it. However, YMMV and clearly does. I won’t say that I’ll stop coming here, but I doubt that I’ll be visiting it several times a day in the future, as there won’t be posts from new members to be moderated but I expect to be here at least once per day for the forseeable future.

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We have https://discussion.fedoraproject.org for general discussion, so this is definitely still focused on tech support (and on non-technical support for users and potential contributors too for that matter, in the “Community” category).

I think if something is really wrong, we should flag it for moderators and just remove it. I don’t have a super-strong opinion on that, though. I would like to see a way for good information to bubble up a little more — we may have some feature requests for Discourse at some point. (Not that they’re obligated, but we are paying customers…)


I do think encouraging positivity fits with the Fedora Friends foundation, though. I’m a Stack Exchange fan, but it is kind of harsh to new people.


Could it all be converted to static html pages? It would then only be a matter of storage and bandwidth.

I get the ‘we’re a community, not an answer generator’ argument, but it would be a shame to lose the resource or the history. I’m not sure which.

Oh, and although I was sceptical at first, discourse does seems great to me so far. However, it’s harder to track the flow of conversation. There’s only this tiny icon in the corner of the post that mentions who it replies to, whereas askbot had comments on answers. It was better at dividing up the responses into potentially separate discussions.


I meant to do it before the switch, but I got sidetracked by some pressing job. I should be back at it this weekend.


Oh great, that’s awesome!

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I like the new ask.fp.o. However, I cannot seem to find the new user tutorial.

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Hello! It’s in the #start-here category along with a few other posts. Are these not visible to you?

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I change my mind, now I think it’s OK.

Could you elaborate on some details?

Nice to see you have chosen to go with this forum format.

However it is really annoying that previous discussions are not linked seamlessly when coming from a search engine (DDG/Google/other). The welcome page isn’t useful and I have to resort to the waybackmachine more often than not.

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Where have the old posts gone?

The new platform is awesome.

Please keep polishing it. For example here i use a 16" screen and the input boxes, side-by-side, makes it hard to review, especially because it does not show the horizontal scroll bar.
Log messages often are long.

but it really is a great platform with lots of care for the user and that is damn great thanks !!!

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Hi @FranciscoD ,
so far so good. (:
I must admit though that the navigation to the “start-here” is somewhat unintuitive to me. If someone new posts an english post, I would directly link them to https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/welcome-to-ask-fedora-please-read-me-first/69479 (and not to the general start-here).
But even if I then get to that post. It always scrolls down to the bottom of the post history and not to the top where the relevant info is.
Why is that? Can that be changed?

Generally speaking (about start-here) there is too much navigation involved till I reach the post that should get me started and even then there’s a bunch of links. So even more navigating… (in my opinion)
I can understand that this is somewhat necessary but I’d hope for a quicker navigation to relevant information in the future.

Especially this post seems unnecessary and confusing to me. It doesn’t make sense to me because it just brings me back to the previous page (assuming that someone entered via this link).
To me this is unnecessary redundancy and should be deleted.

Anyway, thanks for hosting this forum. It’s great to have such place for fedora users.

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The “about this category” posts are a Discourse thing, I’m afraid. The description given there becomes the description on the top banner and on the main front page. So, we can’t remove them. This specific post is used to form the global banner that you see on the front page.

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Closing this now. Please open new topics for individual issues.


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