Headphones not working in F38

I know, there’s tons of “headphones not working” in this site. But they didn’t help me. I do not know what to share here as “output” but i really want to listen music without disturbing my parents.

I only know i’m using jack headphones and my soundcard is Realtek ALC374 (i’m using laptop)

multimedia → volume control ( or pulseaudio volume control) → configurations → Profile → analog stereo output → try them

it didn’t work :frowning: (sorry for late reply i was sleeping :P)

Newer laptops tends to have one 4-pin jack socket (for headsets: headphones with a microphone) and sometimes 3-pin jack (for regular headphones) acts weird in it. Try connecting some headset (e.g. for phone) and see if it will work - in that case there are splitters: 4-pin male to double 3 pin female.
That happens both ways, 4-pin jacks can act weird in 3-pin sockets, there are adapters form that case too.

There’s tones of other possibilities and we need more details to be able to help you.
Start with pasting here output of inxi -Aa and a screen-shot of sound settings with and without headphones plugged in.