F38- Headphone Jack not detected

Hey folks,

Just installed fedora 38 workstation (with GNOME) and everything seems to work fine, including speaker audio and bluetooth. However, when i plug in my headset to the 3.55 mm jack, it is not detected by the system. I have ensured that I have the hardware support drivers from RPM fusion installed and that pipewire/wireplumber are active. In the GNOME settings, only the PC speaker is an available source. I have tried to use pulseaudio/pavucontrol to change the output source to headphones, and while it detects them in the application itself, it causes any media open in firefox or played with vlc to crash/not load/not produce sound. I have installed all major video codecs (including non-free) Has anyone else ran into this issue or have any potential solutions?
(relevant) Hard/software is as follows:
HP laptop 14 dqxxx
kernel version 6.2.15-300.fc38.x86_64
Fedora 38 Workstation
GNOME 44.1
Intel i3 11th Gen
Tiger Lake-LP Smart Sound Audio Controller

Same problem here. Also F38. On a Dell XPS13.

I had the same issue. It simply helped to reinstall all pipewire packages.