HDMI output device lost upon wake up from suspend


I’m using Fedora 32 on a Lenovo Tiny desktop, connected to a TV via a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.
For the most part this works fine but sometimes when the computer has been suspended and wakes up, the HDMI audio device option is missing.

The only available output device becomes the built-in speakers (which are useless).
The display works fine so this is not a problem with the connection to the TV. It’s the audio output device that fails to get with the program.

Short of any solutions to this (other than not suspending), what would be the fastest way to reload the available devices?
Logging out and signing back in fixes it. There must be some service I can just restart without going through the log out process.

I’ve experienced the same issue with another distro. This is not a fedora-specific problem.

Restarting pulseaudio (with -k and then -D) doesn’t re-add HDMI as an output option.
Built-in audio is still the only item in the output dropdown.