Audio output device empty and app restart needed after selection

I’m not sure if this is one two issues.

  1. The selected audio output device is blank after restarting after the last output device has been disconnected. One example would be that HDMI is connected and the audio output device is set to HDMI. Then computer is then shutdown and the HDMI cable is disconnected. The computer is started and the selected audio output device would be blank.

  2. Clicking the down arrow on the selection will show headphones and internal speakers on the laptop. Selecting one of these works fine and the Test button in the sound settings outputs the audio on the right device. But outputting the audio from any audio source (Gnome Podcasts, Google Chrome, Spotify etc.) started before the selection won’t output any audio on the selected output device until the audio source is restarted. One example would be that Gnome Podcast is running the a new audio output device is selected. There won’t be any audio outputted from Gnome Podcasts (testing with the Test button in the Sound settings works) until Gnome Podcasts is restarted.

I guess expected behaviour for 1. would be to default to any of the available output devices and 2. restart of the audio source wouldn’t be needed.

System: Intel laptop with Fedora Workstation 34 with latest updates.

Please let me know if any other information is needed.

Lets assume you have the following outputs.

HDMI, Speakers, and headphones, and that all are connected.
You last were using the hdmi output and the scenario is as you described it.

When you restart the computer how it is supposed to select between the 2 remaining active devices? Certainly it will no pick the one you wish regardless of the one selected.

I believe that if there is only one active device attached it will switch with the restart (at least mine does)

As far as the second issue, with the sound source not following the selection for output. I cannot answer that as I have not seen the problem. Theoretically it would be expected to do so, and it always seemed to do so for me when I was running fedora 33. Have not tested that in fedora 34 which uses pipewire so I don’t have an answer there.