How to set the audio output device (ie make it sticky)?

Fedora Linux 35 on an AMD Fx desktop with Nvidia GP107GL graphic card. The HDMI port is connected to an hdmi2audio device, which is connected to 2 channel stereo system.

When I open settings/sound, I see the audio HDMI display port 2. I click it, then test, and have great sound on both stereo channels.

But when I power off , then power on next day, the audio device reverts to the on-board PCI device, and I have no sound. I must open settings and set the device each time I startup.

How to make the system default to the correct output device (ie make it sticky). ?


Is the audio device powered on before or after powering on the system? If the system sees the audio device it configures it. If not then ?

My monitor (tv) always gets the audio via hdmi because it is always there in standby.

@ JeffV Hello and thanks for your note.

Unfortunately, power is seemingly not the problem. The hdmi2audio device has a usb power port, which was at first plugged into a usb port to the motherboard. The expectation was the system would power on completely before loading the o/s.

Your comment caused me to reflect, so I plugged the hdmi into a usb power adapter. With this, Fedora now starts with the s/pdif port as the default audio. To set the hdmi port, I must still open settings and choose the hdmi port, each time when I power-on the desktop.

I am new to Fedora, having migrated from Ubuntu (Ubuntu was becoming too buggy). Prior to Ubuntu 22 development release, I could stick the audio port by entering a terminal command for pulseaudio. But with U-22, the PA command no longer sticks. I cannot find any command references for Fedora, as the documentation for Wireplumber is effectively zero.

Does anybody in the Fedora community know how to reach the Developers, or how to post bugs for correction?

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To file a bug on Fedora
You can find pipewire and wireplumber at PipeWire · GitLab

The simplest way to do this would be to install pavucontrol and select the fallback output device from the gui.

If you wanted to use the command line you would need to install pulseaudio-utils to have pactl.

Assuming you’re using gnome and neither of those work you can also install gnome-shell-extension-sound-output-device-chooser which makes switching audio devices easier in my opinion.

@ grumpey.
Thanks for reply. Unfortunately, none of your suggestions resolve the issue.
Somehow, there must be a means to set/sticky the correct sound device.