Audio output error after sleep mode

Hello everyone,

I’d like to report an issue that has been present since Fedora 37 in its final updates leading up to receiving Fedora 38. This issue occurs when we are using HDMI audio, and the system goes into sleep mode. When it wakes up, the HDMI option disappears, and it goes directly to the headphone output. To resolve the problem, we have to either restart the session or reboot the system.
Is there any solution? Has this feedback already been passed on to the developers?


Welcome to ask :fedora:

To find out if the problem has already been reported or needs to be reported a search at will reveal that. You can use the same credentials you use here to sign in there when you select to use the FAS sign in option.

You can also search in this forum for audio issues (of which there have been several) for additional information.