GUI visual bug (looks like LCD burn-in)

I have a strange issue that almost seems like LCD burn-in. It is not a hardware issue since it is not an issue running another OS (only tried windows 11).
Running an nvidia graphics card, fedora 37 and x11.
To replicate this issue let a static image sit on your screen for a while and then you will see fragments of it bleeding through everything. Should take a picture with my phone as you cannot see it on print screens.
I’ve had a background image full of stars and after a while I could see some of those stars slightly in most applications. Some applications seems sort of immune (mostly white ones).
To get rid of the issue I use a completely white image sit on my screen for just a few minutes.
This does not happen on other os so I highly suspect a software issue but don’t know which one, is it os (f37), x11 or nvidia drivers causing this?

How have you confirmed this?
Your test indicates that you leave a static image sit idle on fedora for a while then you see the relics. You do not state that the test on windows was done the same way.

How old is the monitor? Could it be actually failing? or of a type that is susceptible to burn in easily?

Is the same static image used and is the intensity of the image different on windows vs fedora?

Lots of variables that need to be tested to prove your theory is correct or not and it seems you may not have given us detailed enough control of the test to confirm things.

I did the same test on windows 11, let the same background image sit for a while (15min +) and nothing.
Leave the same image on f37 for 5mins there are artifacts, even after rebooting. Only using the white image for a few minutes removes the artifacts.
When artifacts appear I try the monitor with another desktop or laptop and there are no artifacts.
So with that I do believe it is a software issue and not hardware.
If you want me to test anything else I’m happy to do it because it would be nice to have this issue resolved. Not really a big issue but kind of annoying.