Graphical problems (Intel UHD 620)

Hello Everyone,

I need your help. I have problem with screen sometimes this happened(like 4times per day or more). And I do not know what to do, I was looking up for long time but nothing helped. Have anybody experience with this type of problem?

I put it here photo of the screen. Printscreen does not work because - computer thinks everything is okay so in print screen is normal screen.

Thank you for help.
PS: my laptop is ASUS Zenbook S UX391|Laptops For Home|ASUS USA.

In my opinion it looks like as a hardware problem. Bad connected cable between motherboard and display. Try to connect to a external Monitor to see if you get the same effect.


What do you mean, “Printscreen does not work because - computer thinks everything is okay…”?

Did this occur after update? Does it have the same issue, if you boot from installation USB device?

I thought that when I take printscreen when this happened. The photo is normal screen without this problem.

No this occured from first instalation.

I use fedora for dual boot with Windows and before fedora I had OS parrot - and I had same problem.

I will try, just need to >D buy reduction for VGA to HDMI >] but thank you for the advice.

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Did you see that:
[Notebook/AIO] Troubleshooting - Main (Internal) Display problem | Official Support | ASUS USA

If you still have guaranty check with Asus to not to loose it.
Did you have the same effect also with windows ?

I will check it.

No, in windows it is okay.