GThumb No Longer Plays Videos of Any Kind

Just as the title says, randomly gthumb has stopped playing any videos; I get the audio of the clip, but no video. I’ve searched the webs and tries all the things—e.g., reinstalling all the gstreamer stuff, updating the “Multimedia” group, etc.—to no avail.

Any ideas?

I’m not aware that it ever did. totem (aka “Videos”) is normally how you play videos in Gnome.

You may want to check out, F37 no video in Gnome Videos (Totem) - #11 by grumpey

I’ve played videos in gthumb for quite a while now and it’s only recently that it will only play the audio & not the video, too.

Thanks, @grumpey for the suggestion… Replacing “totem” with “gthumb” resulted in gthumb successfully playing the video, so I’m going to use that environment variable and test a bit more.

Do either of you happen to know if totem supplies the backend to gthumb or does gthumb just use the same mesa-glthread stuff?