GRUB doesn't load and Windows goes straight booting

Hello everyone,
yesterday I installed Fedora 35 KDE in dual boot with Windows 11, the installation went well, it did its installation, found the dedicated partition and GRUB looked ok too, except that the internet was not working. I then went to sleep with the intention of fixing the internet problem the next day (today). This morning I turn the PC back on and surprise surprise GRUB is gone and only Windows starts (asking encryption key). Even when accessing the Boot Options the only options I find are the Windows Boot manager and an option called Boot from EFI file (if I choose the latter, a strange message opens that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Fedora). I don’t know what to do :c
Would anyone know how to give me a hand?
P.S. I just noticed that W11’s fast startup has reactivated. Could this be the reason (although it seems strange to me since I can’t find Fedora in the Boot Options)?
P.S.2 I remember that yesterday after installing Fedora i tried to login Windows to check if everything was ok and he asked the encryption key. Then i turned it of and i went to sleep