Grey Screen instead of gnome

I use beta version of fedora 38. I have issue with grey screen but sudo dnf update not helped. Maybe some one know how to fix it thanks for everyone it would be great to be fixed in realise.

A number of people have encountered “black” screens and found solutions, but without details of your graphics hardware and drivers they can’t know if your issue is the same as theirs. Have you used earlier versions of Fedora? How did you install F38 beta? Do you get graphics in a Live USB for Fedora or some other distro? Can you use the console ?

GTX 1650 I installed through USB but system worked 1 day and know I have what I have I installed proprietary Nvidia driver (last at this moment) I can use console I don’t have dual boot before I tried install arch and I think had a problem with drivers and because of this arch system don’t run or run really bad (everything is work but a lot of bugs and freezes) may be it would say something and I don’t modified any thing at system

The USB installer uses and installs the open source nouveau driver. The non-free Nvidia drivers are probably at fault. There is some discusssion at Blank screen on startup after switch to nvidia.