Black Screen after installing Fedora

I’ve recently decided to make the switch from windows, which I have been using for a decade now, to linux where after using Ubuntu for a day I decided it lacked something and decided to switch to this god forsaken distro (In terms of giving me difficulty in the install). I first installed Fedora 37 and noticed that when I got to the try or install screen there was a screen flickering effect going on where the “sizing” of the box to try or install kept going big and small. Then I clicked try after being told from a tutorial to install ubuntu to always try out your linux distros before install. After trying it out I realized that everytime I clicked on the 3x3 dot thing the black bars surronding the window of the desktop would periodically flicker, which is the flickering I was refer to earlier along with the weirdness of the try or install prompt. After I finished going through the install it told me to reboot and… a black screen I tried messing with bios and shit nothing worked. After a brief websearch and coming up empty handed I decided to go to the support form and found this Proprietary Nvidia driver shows a black screen instead of a virtual terminal or a graphical session after trying all the solutions I could, install Fedora 35 instead of Fedora 37 which atleast got rid of the flickering but still a fully black screen, with my limited knowledge leaving me unable to follow the simple directions of the thing I gave up and decided to just create a new topic myself and hope someone would help me and not just spew commands at me without telling me how to actually do anything. I also have a nvidia gpu incase you were wondering. I could try and figure out somewhere to include a video of it if someone would like but no idea how to post videos on this forum.

You would have a much better chance of getting help if you gave us more details of your system without the complaints (which should be directed at the people selling proprietary hardware that has to be reverse engineered in order to use it with linux).

When you install Fedora on a system with nvidia graphics it uses the nouveau driver, so your black screen issue is not caused by the proprietary nvidia driver. If your hardware is very new it is likely that the version of nouveau in the installer doesn’t fully support it. Many systems also have a second, low power, graphics subsystem. Black screen and flashing issues can be caused by problems switching between the two graphics subsystems.

You should go to to see what issues were found by other users with the same hardware. If you have linux installed you can generate a report and upload it to the site so you have it for reference when asked for details.


I have been battling with sleep trying to type for some minutes now, only to realise that you have responded part of what I was struggling to type earlier.
Indeed, the specifications of the machine he/she is trying to install Fedora on should have been given.

Also, do you think trying to install 36, and then upgrading from there, would work? On an older Dell, I had to install 35, and then upgraded to 36 back then. They can try something similar. Moreover, it would be helpful to know if he/she tried a live USB testing on their machine before deciding to install it.