Graphical oddities after Silverblue upgrade 37 -> 38 and/or rawhide

After upgrading Silverblue from 37 to either 38 or now Rawhide as well I am seeing quite a few graphical oddities.

I’ve witnessed this on 3 different devices, all AMD.

system cpu gpu
Custom Desktop Ryzen 7 2700x RX 580
Minisforum HX99G Ryzen 9 6900HX Radeon 6600m
System76 Pangolin Ryzen 7 5700U Vega 7 integrated


The all blue background here has a lot of purple tint…

Element (flatpak, the left window) has odd artifacts when it is tiled to left/right of window.

Freetube also has the odd graphical anomalies. This is in overview mode. (also a flatpak)

This is supposed to be a gray-scale background…

kwizart/kernel-longterm-6.1 Copr

If you like to test 6.1 LTS to see if you have the same oddities?
So you have a fallback when 6.2/6.3 changes are made.

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Does this mean the newer kernels are to blame directly? I’m not fond of the idea of using a copr kernel package :frowning:

I personally, would wait to see if others are experiencing the same issue before I chose to downgrade the kernel. Just a suggestion if you can tolerate the colour issues, in the mean time.

I have an ASUS board with a Ryzen 7 5600G, Ill see if the same blue background is purplish to me and let you know here.

[Edit] So I checked, the blue background is actually a supposed to be looking like that in dark mode. The grey scale one looks as it should too. On my setup.

As noted though, this could be related specifically to the colour management of the Video Card you have installed. Keep an eye out here for similar problems. You could also make sure that your monitors profile is current if you use colour management.

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Thank you! The issues are thus far quite minor and I can tolerate them easily enough. It hasn’t yet caused issues for my most common workflows (programming and gaming). But unknowns make me uneasy :slight_smile:

It is not the kernel it selves, mostly the compatibility with newer drivers & configs (also kernel config).
Till this is adjusted it takes a moment. Best would be if ppl report this issues while explaining how to reproduce. This accelerates the process.

I am able to reproduce the wallpaper issue but not the element flatpak issue.

System: HP Dev One
CPU: Ryzen 7 PRO 5850U
GPU: Vega 7 integrated

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Hopefully this works? I can provide more information as requested.

In general, bug reports need to go to or, even better, the upstream project bug tracker (in this case probably Mesa). Common Issues is a way to inform the wide audience, but for that, we should first determine that the problem happens to a sizeable portion of our audience. It’s also ideal to have a bit more to say to it - a description of systems affected, a solution, a workaround, or at least the bug link.

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Doing some more poking around, I found the applications only have strange pixel borders if the application uses X11. Wayland applications do not appear affected.

The most likely reason is that X11/Xwayland uses non-zeroed memory when creating a buffer for those windows, and in areas where there should be half-transparent shadows there are random colors based on the current memory contents.

Can you please file the issue here?
Issues · xorg / xserver · GitLab


Ping @torbuntu , have you reported the issue to developers? Or has there been any other progress in this problem?

Apologies, I have not. I was initially digging through current issues to try and find a related or similar post but then became sidetracked.

The problem persists on all my systems.

I’ll put together an issue on the linked xorg / xserver gitlab tonight when I get a chance.

I feel quite ridiculous but I finally dug up this:

Apparently that purple is intentional.

I found also that the yellow background had also been changed backgrounds/truchet-l.webp · main · GNOME / gnome-backgrounds · GitLab

So none of the backgrounds are actually broken. They just got changed so looked seriously broken… so my bad there.

I also updated to rawhide again and see that the issue with my xwayland/xorg appa has been resolved already. So I don’t think making an issue would help since the fix will make it’s way to f38 eventually now.

Sorry again for the silliness.

Haha. Good news, thanks for the update :slight_smile:

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