Gnome Volume to 200%?

Hello fedora community,

My issue:
I recently made the switch on my laptop to fedora linux. The only problem that I’ve had is that my max volume is about half of what it used to be. If i could get the volume to 200% it would be equally loud as it was before.

About my computer:
Fedora 35, vanilla kernel

What I’ve done to resolve the issue:

  1. I installed pavucontrol, it was able to get the volume from 100% to 153%
  2. I installed easy effects, it didn’t help
  3. i installed gnome tweaks and the “volume mixer” extension, it didn’t change how anything worked, just added a fashionable volume menu
  4. i used alsa mixer to check to see if anything was lowered or muted. unfortunately everything was fine
  5. i copyed my pipewire configs to ~/.config/pipewire and looked through them for a setting to change. I wasn’t able to make heads or tails of what they did.

Did you also set the over amplification, in the general section?