Gnome-software stuck on F31, removing cache doesn't help

Since the last 2-3 days, gnome-software stays forever on the “looking for new updates” stage on F31. I’ve seen a couple of similar reports from late 2019, all of them suggesting that clearing its cache should fix the problem; however, this does not seem to be the case for me. Any other suggestions?

I ran it with --verbose (after killing it), and these are the last few lines it shows on the console:

12:35:20:0328 Gs  running get-distro-updates with dedupe-flags=7 with refine-flags=require-size,require-version,require-setup-action,require-update-details,require-upgrade-removed,require-icon,require-runtime with interactive=True with timeout=60 on plugin=fedora-pkgdb-collections
12:35:20:0328 Gs  updates-shell: no upgrades to show
12:35:20:0328 Gs  Disconnecting cancellable 0x5576ac8378e0
12:35:20:0331 Gs  app invalid as no summary system/package/*/os-upgrade/org.fedoraproject.Fedora-31/*
12:35:20:0331 Gs  running refine with dedupe-flags=7 with refine-flags=require-size,require-version,require-update-details,require-icon,require-runtime with interactive=True with timeout=60 took 3ms
12:35:20:0331 GsPluginShellExtensions silo already valid
12:35:20:0336 Gs  returning imperfect match: */*/*/*/system/* != system/package/*/os-upgrade/org.fedoraproject.Fedora-31/*
12:35:20:0336 Gs  Disconnecting cancellable 0x5576ac8378e0
12:35:20:0377 Gs  emitting global waiting
12:35:21:0023 Gs  updates-changed
12:35:21:0785 PK  notify::connected

After this, no more messages (it has been a couple of minutes already), and GUI keeps showing the “spinning” update. App is responsive, though, as I can cancel the upgrade request by clicking on the “stop” button on the upper-left corner.

EDIT: I left gnome-software trying to fetch updates for 2h straight, and it didn’t finish. I had to kill it manually.

I have often (also with fedora 30) problem with gnome software and with Fedora 31 I have disbled automatic updates from gnome software and I have stopped, disabled and mask packagekit.service and packagekit-offline-update.service and I use only dfn and flatpak from terminal.

Hi, thanks for the input. Yeah, I’ve done this also in the past (mostly due to high CPU usage), but recently I have been trying to use gnome-software. Something is definitely broken, it gets stuck on two different F31 boxes I use… it’s weird no one else has reported this.