Gnome shell webkit2gtk3 services aren't working

Hi. New to fedora and fairly inexperienced in Linux in general.

I have recently reinstalled fedora 36 to my desktop machine and have encountered the following issues.

Unable to add online account using gnome-online-accounts (or any other app).

Unable to search for a city using weather.

When either action is attempted I get a notification that webkitprocesses have crashed.

When I try to generate a bug report, this too fails blaming a packaged executable.

Have tried rebuilding the dependencies and reinstalling WebKit using dnf to no success.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This may easily be due to manually installing some dependencies and installing others using dnf. You did not state how things were installed nor give details of the steps taken.

I do not use webkit so have no clue about the actions needed. In general the best approach is to install using dnf with either an app available in the fedora repo or another suitable repo that provides all the appropriate dependencies so you do not have to piece-meal the install.

If you provide more info and not just a generalization as in the line quoted above it would be helpful so we can help you.

Hi. Jeff thank you for the reply.

As I understand it WebKit installs as part of gnome shell to enable online account access, calender Integration etc.

I rebuilt the dependencies using
Dnf builddep

And the reinstalled the WebKit2gtk3 service using

Dnf reinstall.

I can’t supply any more detail atm as I’m away with work and won’t have access to the pc again until later in the week.

That’s for installing dependencies so that you can build an RPM from source; I doubt you really needed to do this. RPMs are binaries and you generally don’t build them locally.

Screen shots to illustrate the issue