Gnome shell extensions customly?

I think I have a great respin idea, that possibly won’t take too much coding or customizing, and almost all the software packages that I need are already available, if I target mostly Gnome Shell and gnome apps.
What I would like to reach is a Gnome Shell desktop with a specific set of already used Gnome shell extensions – and gnome apps (e.g., weather, calendar, clocks from the world, probably more of this). However, stuck with a problem, namely that I have no idea how can I set them permanently open/without docked or use specific parts sorted within a desktop, and use another set scrolling through another gnome shell screen/desktop. Is there any solution to use gnome shell extensions this way, or I must combine with conky and such apps? Still, how can I organize apps to fix windowed output seamlessly next to each other? Ideas?

PS: Maybe the ideal will be using gnome shell apps+conky+magic mirror extensions?


Please open a separate topic on this issue and post as much information and output as possible. What is broken, the install, the package itself?