Gnome Shell Hanging

Hey All,

This has been happening to me for a while now, both in 34 and 35. I run a completely stock gnome install and use 3 shell extensions… Dash to dock, no overview, and applications menu. For whatever reason, the shell will hang on me and mouse interaction stops working. The mouse will move, but nothing shell related can be clicked. Applications open still work, but shell interaction is keyboard only.

I’ve disabled all extensions and the problem happens as well. It is random when it starts and the only way to fix it is to logoff and login, basically restarting the shell.

I do have a touchscreen and use that from time to time. I haven’t noticed it being a cause, but thought it may be good info.

Any help is appreciated.

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is really weird…

Do you have any special theme in your GNOME?
Could you please create a new $USER and test if the same problem occurs there?


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Can confirm it is not user related. I am not using any custom theme, just the 3 extensions which are disabled.

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