Gnome randomly locking with key-repeat [F35 Linux5.16.20]

Hi, I’ve been using Fedora 35 in my Lenovo laptop and I’ve so far had no trouble. However, for the past few days, Gnome shell has been acting weird and locking randomly. When I try to enter the password, the keyboard seems to spam ‘l’. However I’ve encountered this issue nowhere but in Gnome lockscreen. After using it for a while, it seems that this bug is not triggered by user input. I’ve also combed through journalctl and dmesg and there seems to be nothing related to what’s triggering this.

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Oddly enough, I’ve seen this behavior recently as well, and specifically on my Lenovo ThinkPad P14. It’s not a specific key, but every once and a while, a letter acts like it’s being held down continuously on the keyboard and it doesn’t seem to stop until the GUI object focus changes (ie, switching to another open program). I haven’t seen it happen for a day or two, but it’s hard for me to debug or submit a report for since it seems to happen so randomly.