Gnome Photos not showing in Select application list

hello ,

im not sure if its a default behavior of Gnome Photos but here is the issue.
Gnome Photos does not appears in Application list when i try to open a image by selecting right click-> “Open With Other Application”.
also it does not appear in recommended apps to open a pic.
no issue with Photos app if i access it from Activities Overview.
i use this option when i want to edit an image after viewing it from Image Viewer.
pls suggest if any workaround.
below are snaps,

and also it does not give an option to set the Photos app as default to open an Image file.


Look like Gnome Photos are for exploring/managing images only and not particularly use for opening individual file. Imagine it like nautilus, we can’t open specific file with nautilus.

May be you could make request to Image Viewer developer to add specific button to explore the picture location using Gnome Photos instead of default file explorer (Nautilus) as custom choise.

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